There, I said it !! I AM A SORE LOSER AND PROUD OF IT.

Not because my candidate lost (well partly), but because of what this country has lost and will lose in the next four years. I am afraid we will lose our freedoms and rights under the constitution, in favor of a government in control of every part of our lives. I am afraid we will no longer be the country where people of all nations want to come (legally) to make a better life, but because of all the benefits given to illegals, which used to be reserved for tax paying citizens.  I am afraid we will lose the respect of our allies and give additional confidence to our enemies,. I am afraid we will lose our status as the most powerful country in the world. I am afraid that the majority of voters will allow the mainstream media, who skew the “news” for headlines, viewership and ratings, to give them  information they think they need to make a wise decision.  I am afraid that the younger generation, who are the current and future voters/leaders of America, and have NO clue as to our history or how a democracy/free enterprise system works (ask them a question its scary the answers you get), are drinking the left wing Kool-aid which has painted a rosy little picture of a utopian society where everything should be shared equally among everyone.  Sounds an awful lot like communism to me.

My biggest concern, is the growing sense of entitlement I see in people. Especially after the coverage of the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) movement giving a bunch of nut’s their more than 15 minutes of fame but riveting the public non the less. (BTW, if all those people who protested for days and weeks on end were out looking for a job instead, maybe they too could become part of the 1%, or even the 50%, instead of leaching off us hard working Americans).

We have become a nation of whiny little three year-olds…“I waaaannnt this”, “I neeeeeed that”, “If he/she has one then I want one too !!”…. (stamping my foot),  with no sense pride in earning those things. I may even be dissing three-year olds.  Even they understand the concept of action and reward.

“A democracy is always temporary in nature; it simply cannot exist as a permanent form of government. A democracy will continue to exist up until the time that voters discover that they can vote themselves generous gifts from the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates who promise the most benefits from the public treasury, with the result that every democracy will finally collapse due to loose fiscal policy, which is always followed by a dictatorship”…(author unknown).

This is exactly what is happening.  It has become the norm to “want it all…now” and ask the government to give it to you. But it’s also become the new national pass time to denigrate people who have exactly what the OWS/ entitle-ists want for themselves. Folks, ya can’t have it both ways.

What ever happened to the days where people were willing to WORK towards achieving their goals, having pride in their own accomplishments, instead of expecting the government to supplement their laziness, lack of ambition, and sense of entitlement. Why is it so objectionable to people that some of their fellow citizens have “more stuff” then they do?

You aren’t either a “have” or a “have not”, but a DO or a DO NOT. (I was going to quote Yoda but chose not to). The opportunity is there to become a “have” by DOING, the path may just be harder for some than others. Need a helping hand to get started…NO PROBLEM. Need a little supplement to make ends meet…NO PROBLEM. Want to be a “have” without ever “doing”?…  Sayonara baby. Get a grip, get off your ass and DO…  

However, once you become a have, will you be willing to “re-distribute” your “have” to the have-nots you once associated yourself with? I doubt it.  (unless of course you didn’t work for “it” and got “it” from the government, then you can always get more…right???). I have heard waaayyy to many people say the voted for Obama because “he’s gonna give me stuff”…SMH

We have lost the capacity to acknowledge and celebrate success, whether financially or otherwise, (unless of course it’s a celebrity/sports figure) which once was the basis of the “American Dream”.

I have had many a heated argument with people of differing views on this subject. 

They brought up Mitt Romney’s wealth…over and over. Yup, he has quite a few shekels in the bank. They said this wealth makes him out of touch with the “middle class”. I heard Eva Longoria (a staunch Obama campaigner) say after the election that she was “moved to tears”, because “…it proved the middle class won”, and “these people didn’t get to buy America”. Blah Blah Blah…

Just who are “these people”.  The 1% ers; The Republicans; the mid-westerners, the men, the  45 and older group?  WHO?

REALLY, I mean REALLY???…like Eva Longoria or the hoards of “celebrity Obama endorsers” have a clue as to what it’s like to be middle class.  Let’s take a look at a random list of some of their net worths.  (yeah, yeah I know they all contribute to charity, or have charitable foundations, some more so than others, but don’t give me a hard time, facts is facts):

Bill Gates                   66 BILLION

David Geffin               5.5 BILLION

Steven Spielberg      3 BILLION

Oprah Winfrey           2.7 BILLION

Jeffrey Katzenberg    860 Million

Brangelina                 300 Million

Bruce Springsteen    200 Million

SJP/Matt Broderick  135 million

Morgan Freeman      90 Million

Bill Clinton                  80 Million

Ben Affleck                65 Million

Whoopie Goldberg   45 Million

Eva Longoria               35 Million

Angela Bassett          28 Million

Bill Maher                   23 Million

Barack Obama           12 Million


Mitt Romney               $250 Million

…..such hypocrisy is really hard to swallow.  His net worth puts him somewhere between Brangelina and Springsteen, but he’s not allowed to be rich, and is out of touch with the middle class because he made money in “business”?

Eva Longorias net worth of 35 million, is 636 TIMES the average middle class income of $55,000/year (and that’s being conservative…some reports say $44K, others between $19-52K).

The celebrities above ARE part of the 1% (which the Occupy Wall Street dunderheads classify as anyone making $500K or more). They didn’t build anything (well maybe Oprah did, but it was a school in Africa not in the USA.). The majority of the “middle class” don’t have mansions, chauffeurs, cooks, assistants, nannies, designer clothing (the cost of which could feed a middle class family for a month or more) or even get to go on vacation. I would venture a guess that most middle class Americans never traveled more than 50 miles from their hometowns.

Another argued there is a difference between building your wealth and having it handed to you from your father or mothers family, referring to Mitt Romney’s fathers wealth…however Mitt was already a wealthy businessman at the time of his dad’s death and he gave all the “inheritance” to BrighamYoung University. Maybe the family wealth helped him go to law school, but you have to perform once there, so who cares.


Let’s forget the fact that the Dems were wrong about where Mitt got his money…but still…how do you imagine his father got his wealth?  It surely wasn’t handed to him by the government. He WORKED for it…long and hard.

The hypocrisy and irrational line of reasoning of the Democrats rears it’s ugly head yet again. Let’s use the example of a favorite Democratic  go to reference…JFK.  HIS family had wealth and power that was passed on to him. It was his father’s money and connections that got JFK into the White House (no mean feat considering he was a Roman Catholic).  While his father made money in many legitimate enterprises, he was also a liar; a stock broker who was accused of, what today would be called, insider trading; an alleged smuggler/bootlegger; an  anti-Semite; and a womanizer. Yet, there are those who still hold the entire family and the name as the equivalent of American royalty. Can you imagine if JFK had to address his feelings on abortion or gay marriage if he were running for President today?? He probably wouldn’t get elected. However, a hard working, honest, morally sound, spiritual, enterprising man, was derided for his father having had money, and for the values each one of us should aspire to as individuals and a nation. (by the way I am pro-choice, but one issue does not a President make)

I had one friend who said Mitt Romney’s business wealth (he’s a “corporate raider”) was a different kind of wealth than the fortune built by Henry Ford (a company that employees thousands and builds things). I replied by reminding them that Henry Ford was vehemently anti-union, (isn’t that a critical component of the Democrats voting base and platform) (

….and an anti-Semite. (

I reminded them that Ford was one of the pioneers of “outsourcing” jobs by opening plants in 10 foreign countries, starting in Britain and Canada in 1911. He understood it was cheaper to build in the countries he was selling to rather than export the products.

His highest estimated wealth at age 57 was the equivalent of 1.88 BILLION in 2008 dollars. Not too shabby and a boatload more than Romney.

( )

They brought up Romney’s former company Bain Capital in light of Sensata, a Bain subsidiary, closing a factory and laying off 170 workers to send their manufacturing to China. (another Obama and media firestorm to feed Kool-aid to the masses).

This company invested in, among others:

Bright Horizons Day Care (this was when Romney was till active in the company)

Dominoes Pizza

Toys R Us


Dunkin Donuts

Burger King

Michaels Arts and Crafts

Burlington Coat Factory

Some of the companies were on the verge of going under, others just needed a boost to make them grow bigger, and were a good investment. Of course some companies didn’t rebound, but it’s like investing in video tape manufacturing just as DVD’s were coming into vogue. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t. Does Romney have a monetary interest in the company?  Yes. Did/does he run the company? No.  …(in)  August 2001, (when) he finalized a retirement deal with the active Bain partners and transferred to them his shares of Bain’s management entity. ( )

I am soooo very tired of hearing that the middle class is getting shafted by the rich.  There are approximately 313 million people in the USA.  If just ½ of them are adults able to work, the 1% of the population who are sooo rich are just over 1.5 million people out of 150 million people able to work. (yes I am also painfully aware that there is a job shortage and high unemployment)

The rich didn’t write the tax code that allows the wealthier few more deductions.  (well maybe they did since many of the career politicians are as wealthy, if not more so than Romney, and business owners as well).  But not everyone owns a business to get their “loop hole” deductions, some are salaried. If they made 1 million dollars in a year, married filing jointly using the standard deductions ($11,900) and two exemptions ($7,600) they would owe $312,314.50 in federal taxes alone. That’s 1/3 of their salary.  Seriously?

Obama’s new tax plan, supposedly designed to redistribute the wealth, combined with letting the Bush tax breaks expire on January 1, 2013, is NOT going to hurt the top earners. “This is a tax increase will be on a significant share of small business owners,” said Raymond Keating, chief economist of the Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council.  The Obama plan would raise the top two tax brackets from 33% to 36% and from 35% to 39.6%. ($200,000 if single and $250,000 is married)

Bear in mind this is only FEDERAL taxes, we still have to factor in state and local taxes too.

My family lives a good life now. Not privileged, but good and more comfortable than some, and we feel blessed.  We don’t make the $500K defined as the 1%, but I probably will be considered “rich” by Obamas new standards. I spent my life from the age of 15, the the last 40 years, working to make my life better. Neither my parents or my in-laws went to college.  My parents never made more than $40,000/year. My husband and I had to take out student loans for our undergraduate degrees, and another for his graduate degree.  He worked days and went to school at night for the first 3 years of our marriage to get that graduate degree. We managed to pay for a home, a car, three student loans, and have two children (and feed and clothe them) because we had a plan, the ambition and the drive to make our lives better. We scrimped and saved, cut coupons, and budgeted our money to make things work. He worked 60 hour weeks when the kids were little.  I worked 50 hour weeks when 7-8 months pregnant (standing all day BTW), to make extra money before my maternity leave. We will have no inheritances. NOTHING I have was given to me. Everything we own, WE EARNED. We contribute to numerous charities because we know we are blessed. I volunteer my time on a township board BECAUSE I didn’t want to be one of those people who complained how government wasn’t working and didn’t do anything to change it… I wanted to make things better.  I completely resent that fact that there are apparently many people who expect me to eagerly pay more still to “ redistribute the wealth” because they find it easier to live on the dole, because they are entitled.