As a seller, I bet you think that once you sign the listing agreement and the agent goes on home with the paperwork, its a breeze to get your home out there on the internet and in the buyers faces.  Well not exactly.

Last night I had the bright idea to enter my new listing into two  MLS’s and save them as incomplete.  Then at midnight,  I would click “submit”, upload the photos (25 on each MLS WITH captions), and it would show up on the daily “hot sheets”  first thing in the morning (new listings agents see every morning). So at 11:30 PM I began. I sat there entering about 150 bits of details into each MLS,   perfected my “listing details” information (no easy feat when they limit the number of characters you can use).

At 12:18, I was done with the first MLS  and I hit “submit”…ARRGGHH…my computer froze..or did it?  Nope the MLS went down for routine maintenance at 12:15, so I decided to go ahead with the next MLS and come back to #1 later. At 12:35 I was done uploading the photos and tailoring my captions on MLS #2 (yet again because they don’t cross reference eachother), and hit “submit”…..ARRGHH…my computer froze…or did it?  Nope, THAT MLS went down for routine maintenance at 12:30.  At 1 AM, I went back to MLS #1 to retrieve my “incomplete listing”.  It wasn’t there, nor was it entered as a new listing, but lost in cyberspace.  I tried MLS #2 and….same thing…I finally decided to try to get some rest and start again in the morning.

At 8 AM, I repeated the same process from the night before, TWICE, and finally got the listings into both of the MLS’s.  Scan the disclosures to attach to the listings, fax off the paperwork to both MLS’s, organize the listing folder for the office, and move on to the next order of business.

On to the Prudential website to enter the listing, AGAIN, with lots and lots of details, upload the photos again (and add captions),  and get the web domain name for the house.

Next on to designing and ordering “Just Listed” postcards, and designing brochures for inside the house.

Next onto my “Featured Website” (which I pay for)…go through the same process again (check it out at www.

Next onto and enhance the listing, not once but twice again (two  MLS’s means it shows up twice)

Next to for a nice internet flyer…not as detailed, but I still have to get it right.  Send that flyer to Facebook, Google, Yahoo, AOL, Trulia, Zillow etc.

Next to design a listing email flyer to send to over 5000 agents in the “area”.

Next on to Trulia and Zillow to claim the listing and enhance it there.

Next to the suprakey website to “attach” the lockboxes to the listing so I know who is coming and going into the house ( just in case some Realtor decides to go in without an appointment and of course to get feedback once they show it to their buyers)

Now I have to wait for the virtual tour so I can upload that to ALL the websites.  So far it cost me almost $140.00 to advertise the listing, and that doesn’t include the payments I make each month to and Trulia for their additional service. I looked at the clock and all this took till 1:15 PM.  It’s exhausting !!